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Guaranteed to build reputations you can trust

Trust and reputation of your brand is everything you say, everything you do and everything others say about you.

From our office in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, Kinetic Communications guarantees to build reputations you can trust.

Over 10 years of guaranteeing results, we have never failed to deliver.

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A passionate team of PR professionals committed to increasing trust in your reputation

Angela Podmore
Nicola Pledger
Rachel Thraves
Majella McCabe

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“We’ve grown our business year-on-year and I’m sure Kinetic’s played an intrinsic part in the growth…”

Matthew Goff, Actavo Building Solutions

0121 212 6250

Out of hours / emergencies:

+44 (0)121 212 6250
+44 (0)7786 934 935

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